Missions Sunday: Co-Mission: The Sharing Economy & The Mission World

Atlanta organization is leveraging coworking for the gospel.

A friend recently shared a YouTube video of a glacial calving. Apparently, this was the largest ever witnessed and recorded. A chunk of ice the size of Manhattan broke off of an ancient glacier and plunged into the sea with giant chards the size of the Empire State Building shooting up and down, this way and that. It was absolutely astonishing to watch. A landscape that had remained virtually unchanged for centuries suddenly became radically and permanently transformed in minutes.

Maybe it’s because I turned 40 this year. Maybe it’s because my wife and I just celebrated our tenth anniversary. Maybe it’s because I am entering into a new stage of ministry in a new city. Maybe it’s because the world seems to be finally lurching out of the deep recession that has formed the backdrop of the social discourse for nearly a decade. Whatever the cause, I have been very retrospective lately about the past ten years. It seems to me that at some point over this past decade something like a giant glacial calving happened, and the world we live in today has been dramatically and irrevocably transformed.

Ten years ago, my wife and I used an atlas to navigate down the western coast of the U.S. on our honeymoon. Ten years ago, I had a separate phone, calendar, shopping list, computer, and music library. Today, all of these exist as one device I keep in my pocket. Ten years ago, I had not yet reconnected with hundreds of friends and acquaintances from childhood, nor did I keep up with all of their daily habits, job statuses, and children’s school projects. Today, at any given moment, I have access to more information than what any of the most powerful people in the world had access to just ten years ago.

Of all the …

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