Shut Up and Dance! The Intersection of Freedom, Art, and Gospel Expression

Artist and evangelist believes all art carries a message.

I usually don’t watch award shows—three hours of celebrities patting each other on the back just isn’t my thing. But a recurring subplot has made them more intriguing. In our divided times, these shows have served as a soapbox for actors and musicians to express their political views.

The media build up to these events has become predictable. The left-leaning media enthusiastically anticipates its agenda being championed by its most prized spokespeople—celebrities—while the conservative media angrily anticipates another night of “unqualified stars shooting their mouths off on topics they are unqualified to speak on.”

Regardless of what side of the spectrum you land, it’s clear that award shows and high-profile celebrity events are ‘home court’ for the liberal agenda. The one-sidedness of the political and social rants coming from Hollywood is obvious.

Nonetheless, I applaud actors and musicians for speaking their minds, because real artists should.

In a way, this is because I am defending myself. I am an artist and an evangelist. For over ten years I have used art and music to share the gospel outside of the church, and at times, I have been criticized for doing this. I have felt the pressure to ‘stay in my lane’ and just perform.

As a gospel-proclaiming artist, I have heard it over and over again: “Art does not need to have a message.” I disagree. True art challenges the status quo and speaks powerfully to the human condition. Otherwise, it’s just wallpaper. We don’t love movies and music because they’re meaningless entertainment; we love them because they move us. All artists are saying something or taking a stand. It’s …

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